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We Move People

Our love to Thailand and our commitment to social media and digital World 4.0 gives us our mission. Our aim is to combine both passions for a social project which is our third passion. Do good things and talk about it! We will organize a relay from Central Europe towards Thailand. We are looking for cool runners from different countries - independent from their race, religion, mindset and gender. We-move people provides valuable information for all runners, whether you are an ambitious athlete or a fun runner, whether you prefer to run on roads or on trails, in big cities or in remote villages, on a flat plain or up the mountains, or if you are looking for something completely different, We-move-people gives you all the details you need to run in new places, meet runners from other countries, and have fun.

You can run anywhere in the world (on our route) to help celebrate We-move-people, Founded in 2016 by Dietmar Topp and Udo Glaubach, We-move-people is intended to promote the sport of running and charitable giving on one special day towards BAAN DOI*. Starting within the next two years runners connected and impacted their communities in a positive way. As a result, We-Move-People is the only event celebrated around the globe by people of all backgrounds, faiths, nationalities, and benefited their favorite charity. The event is designed to allow every runner, whether with a group or running individually, to be a part of this unique happening. The goal is to grow this event for major sponsorship, however with the size and scope of the event no one sponsor can fund the event. We are looking to grow this event for runners in countries all over the world. The race track will be supported by a car with max. 4 additional runners to make sure that there is no gap between two runners distance. Runners will be given in the relay race a relaystick to monitor the distance.

Mission Statement.

Since 2016, our idea to connect people worldwide have united the passion for fitness with the desire to help others on this event`s goal-an international event of running and charitable giving. Participants around the globe are encouraged to participate in the event and donate to our favorite charity. Event Directors and volunteers are requested to host events in locations worldwide. Participants are asked to run-any distance, anywhere-in organized events, small groups, or individually in this Virtual Run. From Wiesbaden, Germany and anywhere in between towards north of Thailand, join us in celebrating We-move-people. Help promote this international event for running and charitable giving.

We-move-people programs and activities are guided by the following goals:

Promote Running - We-move-people will works with partner organizations to promote the health benefits of running for all citizens young and old. Recent emphasis has been placed on running as a solution to end childhood obesity. Partnering with runners and charities occurs throughout the year.

Promote Charitable Giving - We-move-people is committed to having an international event of charitable giving thru its running event`s partner BAAN DOI in northern Thailand. In many instances there is a lack of funding to help unfortunate children and their circumstances. The running community can help others, such as hungry children, while also celebrating the benefits of running. Runners donate whatever amount they desire.

Mobilize the Running Community - We-move-people reaches out to partners in the running community that hope to elevate the sport of running in their community while also promoting the benefits of running and providing locations for people to run locally.

Our promise: - we-move-people guarantee that There is no other purpose as helping BAAN DOI if you registrate on our page. We guarantee aswell, that no one get any advertising. With the registration on our web-Page you just gives your intention, that you run with us - if this event will happen.

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